Old Data Recovery


     data recovery          Did you wake up one morning to discover that all the files you saved on your computer the previous night are nowhere to be found? If so, then you must be feeling terrible by now. We understand that feeling! Fortunately we know what is wrong with your computer and can help you fix it in no time.          Whenever you lose data from your computer without you or someone else deleting it, then you have a failed hard disk. Sometimes this could be caused by a high motion of the hard drive or corrupt data on the computer’s platter. A failing logic board or read/write head may also be responsible. One way to know your hard disk is failing is when you notice that your computer is getting slower over time. When this happens, you don’t have to wait until the system is completely crashed before bringing it to us.

         We can help you recover all your lost data depending on the extent of damage on your Mac. This may include multimedia files and documents. It doesn’t matter when the device started failing, as long as the data is recoverable, we will surely get it back for you. Our expert specialists have been doing this for years with success, so yours will not be any different.

          Your computer is interwoven into your life and business. We understand you might need your files urgently. Our engineers are dedicated to ensuring you get back all your recoverable files before the agreed deadline.

          Compared to many repair companies around, we offer up to 50% cheaper data recovery service. So you can be certain you are doing it cheap with us. You can get in touch with us online to get a quote or you can come directly to our office.

          At Newtons Apple Repair, we offer quality professional Apple Mac repair services at cost effective prices. Over the years, we have adopted a culture of consistency and expertise which has made us successful in offering repair services of true professional values to all our customers in UK. We have been able to build a team of dedicated Mac specialists who can provide quick repair solutions to all kinds of Mac issues.

          Please contact us if you have any questions about your device or pricing.