icloudApple is a well known brand in the world of technology most especially from Personal computers to smart mobile phones and other devices. Apple offers top notched iCloud services with a high level of security which has also led to a considerable increase in the demand for Apple products across the globe most especially in the United States.

With Apple’s latest announcement about service technical issues, many Apple gadget users are facing a serious challenge and the problem is still going on contrary to the opinion that most users had Which anticipated that the issue would not take a while. With respect to the system status for Apple’s statistics page, a good number of services based on iCloud are presently undergoing interruption which has made such services inaccessible to some users. The work of correcting this sad situation is on-going at the fastest pace.

APPLE ICLOUD SERVICEScreen Shot 2018 01 26 at 12.48.54 PM (Apple)

The last time Apple recorded similar occurrence was on the 1st of July, 2015. On the said date, the giant reported that most services were having technical issues. iMovie Theater, Restore & Backup, iPhoto Journals, iCloud Drive, iMessage attachment, and a few other app experienced hitches during that period as shown below

 APPLE ICLOUD SERVICESScreen Shot 2015 07 01 (Apple)

Presently, non-accessible tools and apps are as follows; iCloud Backup, Mail, Reminders, iPhone ‘hoped to find, Contacts, Keychain, Calendar, Notes, Find My Friends, Drive and Storage Upgrades.  Some web applications access rates have dwindled drastically globally.

From the looks of things, it seems Mac users are also having a herculean time out too as a few important iCloud applications are not functioning as required. Some apps like Mail Drop, iCloud apps, Photos for iWork, and My Mac are also affected. Everyone is very hopeful that soon enough, this whole technical issue would be fixed.

Apple has categorically stated in its System Status report that about 1.5 percent of its users are affected and would not be able to access the services as shown in the first image above. Considering the fact that this is not the first time such issue is happening, it will be in Apple’s best interest to find a lasting solution to this problem.

Apple has not stated how long this interruption would last, but as soon as it is solved, we will quickly give you valuable information.