Mac Data Recovery

Data Recovery

We can recover your data from faulty internal/external hard drives and from not working iPhones.
Our Data Recovery process is conducted on a Data-No Fee basis. The data recovery charge is only applied if data is recovered.
After process completion, you will be notified and requested to bring in an external drive with sufficient free space to hold your recovered data.
Data Recovery will not rescue your applications. It will only save your files like photos, documents, MP3s, etc. Depending on the hard drive’s condition, some of the recovered files may be corrupted or even cannot recover.
We can extract information from 
• MacBook internal hard drives
• Liquid damaged/ Not working iPhones
• iMac internal hard drives
• External hard drives
Hard Drive Data Recovery
• Mac Internal Hard Drives
• iMac Internal Hard Drives
• External Hard Drives
Hard drive data recovery is a service to save data from failed disks suffering from logical or mechanical failure.
At Newton’s Apple Repair, we understand how important your data is. We are committed to recovering your hard drive as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.
Hard disk drives are precision instruments, so they must be handled carefully. Hard drives don’t last forever and sometimes can stop working suddenly for no reason. Putting the hard drive down on a table won’t hurt it, but dropping it certainly will. We perform data recovery from MacBook, iMac internal hard drives, external hard drives, or not working iPhones.
mac data recovery
macbook data recovery

iPhone Data Recovery

• All variants of not working/liquid-damaged iPhones
iPhone Data Recovery Team can recover the data from physically damaged or liquid damaged and not working iPhones.
Losing photos, videos, text messages, contacts, notes, and WhatsApp messages can be devastating. At Newton’s Apple Repair, we have unique tools to save the data from all physical or liquid-damaged iPhones.

Free Diagnostics

The diagnostic process takes approximately the same day or 1-2 working days. Then, you will receive a quote for the data recovery service, which starts from £ 250.00.
We aim to get you to recover the data as quickly as possible. However, it may take up to 5-7 working days in some cases. We will keep you fully up to date with the status of the service throughout service time.
There is no appointment necessary to get the recovery service. You can visit us anytime during our working hours.
If you need further assistance regarding our Data Recovery services for your Mac or External drive, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0207 0333 901.

How does it work?


You can walk in with your device during opening hours.
Once we have diagnosed your hard drive, you will receive a quote for repair. We will let you know how long your service will take, and time can vary depending on the work needed and the hard drive’s condition.
We will start the repair once the user confirms the service. We aim to get your device back to you as soon as possible and keep you up-to-date throughout repair time.


Once the device is thoroughly tested after repair and ready for pickup, you will be notified by text and email. Then, you can arrange your visit to collect your device.

Data recovery


Get expert service for your Mac. Bouncing beachballs, question marks, cracked screens, non-working keyboards & trackpads and other issues.​

mac data recovery


Better performance? A Hard drive upgrade can make your old device fast as new.

apple data recovery


No data, no charge basis recovery service. Have a free diagnostic for your faulty hard drives and dead Macs.

Please use the contact form to get an immediate quotation or any other queries.​

Business Hours

Weekdays – 10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday – 10 AM to 5 PM

Abdullah Talbeh
Abdullah Talbeh
From YouTube seemed like a great man !
Co2 Competitive
Co2 Competitive
Just got from YouTube video
Qunadale Dingle
Qunadale Dingle
Business owner was really sweet and was willing to participate in youtuber video, really nice guy!
Avilasha Ghosh
Avilasha Ghosh
I recently had a screen change from Newton Apple Repair. The unfortunate issue was liquid damage. The owner, Yusuf advised me the best possible solutions and helped me sort the problem in a timely manner. The service was great!
Maxine de Wit
Maxine de Wit
I can highly recommend Newton's Apple Repair. I recently brought my laptop MacBook Pro there and they succeed solving my problem on short notice while I tried serval other stores before and they couldn't solve my problem. My laptop works smooth again and as new by replacing the Touch Bar and they installed Bootchamp so I can run both Mac OS and windows on my laptop. Very happy with my laptop now :) thank you
tran myha
tran myha
"Absolutely phenomenal service! My MacBook suffered water damage and I was worried about the cost of repairs. However, the technician provided a reasonable quote and fixed my laptop with exceptional skill. The turnaround time was impressive, and my MacBook now works perfectly. I'm beyond satisfied with the service and highly recommend them for any repair needs."
Ieva Li
Ieva Li
Amazing service! Very helpful, highly recommended 👌
Sergio Montanino
Sergio Montanino
Couldn't be happier to have come across this repair shop and I'll definitely be heading back here again for any future repairs needed. My Macbook Pro Late 2013, which Apple has marked as "obsolete" now, needed a battery replacement. I got in touch, and Yusuf (the owner I believe) got back to me within 24 hours with a very reasonable quote. The repair came with a great warranty period, it took no more than 3 hours, and the replaced battery is from one of the best providers on the market at the moment. He even replaced some worn keyboard buttons free of charge. Based on my experience, I’d say he’s definitely earned every 5 star review I’ve read here. Thanks for bringing my laptop back to life!
Sussanah H
Sussanah H
Newton’s Apple Repair are wonderful. Yusuf (the owner) is incredibly kind and knowledgeable - my Mac crashed out of the blue and I tried everything for it to work. Apple said they couldn’t fix it. Scared I was going to lose my hard work :( Went to a local tech store who said they were Apple certified but couldn’t even fix my issue even though their site stated they could do such repairs. NAR got my data in a quick turnaround time (<5 days) and were very professional updating me all the way. They are truly the best when it comes to Apple Mac repair/data recovery problems!