What to do if you drop liquid or water on your Mac

• Shut down your MacBook immediately.
• Unplug the MagSafe adaptor and, if possible, disconnect the battery connection to prevent further damage to the logic board.
• Turn your MacBook over so the screen is at the bottom, and put a paper towel or cloth between the screen and the top case.
• And please bring your MacBook to our local shop to save your device/data.

Liquid Damage Maintenance Service

Liquid Damage devices require a full diagnostic of the device to identify the affected parts. You can directly visit our store without an appointment.
Once the diagnostic process is completed by checking each part, a repair quote send to the user to turn the device back to working order. We charge £49.00 for the liquid-damaged device diagnostics. Should you wish to go ahead with the repair, this fee is reset to zero, and the quotation becomes active. The charge will stand if you don’t go ahead with the repair.
Liquid damage requires the complete disassembly of the device and the removal and cleaning of all parts and connections to remove corrosion. In addition, the logic board may require repair, and some parts may require replacement.
MacBook spill water damage is severe because it corrodes sensitive electronic components but is not unfixable. You should stop using it as soon as you get liquid in your MacBook! Turning it on will make it worse, allowing electricity to flow through shorted, wet components and causing them to rust. Even when the damage is this extensive, we can repair it, but it is best to minimize the damage so we have a higher likelihood of fixing your board in a reasonable timeframe.
We provide complete logic board repairs and replacements for liquid damaged MacBooks. At this point, we further investigated the logic board to determine the affected components and failed components to replace and re-solder. Once the repair is done for the system, post-repair diagnostics conduct on the device to complete the process.
We do not provide liquid damage maintenance service for iPhones. However, we can save the data of your liquid-damaged iPhone by Data Recovery service.

Things to know about some of the NAR services

– We offer free diagnostics to our customers, and most of the time, we try to provide solutions during the pre-diagnostic step (if possible) and solve the issues free of charge. We aim to offer high-quality solutions at affordable prices.
– We welcome walk-ins; there is no need to book an appointment before your visit. We provide services and support for MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iMac and other apple devices that we provide service during our working hours without any appointment free of charge.
– General cleaning of the devices is done during the repair process free of charge. In need, internal cleaning is also provided. The cleaning service is £ 39.00 on its own. However, it is provided free of charge besides any other services.
– The free diagnostic only does not include the liquid damage devices. The diagnostic fee for liquid-damaged devices is £ 49.00. This fee is subject to zero if we undertake the repair.
– My iPhone doesn’t charge!!. Do not worry; charging problems are quite common issues on iPhones. The 95% reason for this issue is the dust accumulation on the charging port. We provide a cleaning service for the iPhone charging port free of charge to solve the charging case of the device. If you have an iPhone charging problem, feel free to visit us and get help.

How does it work?


You don’t need an appointment to get your Mac assessed, you can just walk in with your device during opening hours. We recommend bringing liquid-damaged devices urgently to prevent any further damage. Once the device is received, the device is fully checked, and the affected parts are determined. Then, a report of the fault and repair quotes are sent. We let you know how long your repair takes, time can vary depending on the work needed and how quickly the parts can be supplied.
We will start the repair once the user confirms the service. We aim to get your device back to you as soon as possible and keep you up-to-date throughout repair time.


Once the device is thoroughly tested after repair and ready for pickup, you will be notified by text and email. Then, you can arrange your visit to collect your device. 

Problems we will fix on your water damaged MacBook

• Not turning on

• Freezing

• No light/image on the screen

• Not charging the battery

• Keys not working properly

• Trackpad not working properly.

• Many more…

Why choose Newton’s Apple Repair for liquid damage MacBook repairs?

• We offer component-level motherboard repair.

• We try to repair what is broken without high-cost logic board replacement. Logic board replacement is the last option that we will recommend.

• We ultrasonically clean liquid damage components.

• We guarantee our work for ninety days.


All our Liquid Damage Service is covered by a 3-month warranty on Mac devices we repaired. If your device has any issues post-repair, please don’t hesitate to come back to any Newton’s Apple Repair store for a free diagnosis. The warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage such as dropping and smashing a screen, water damage or if you repaired by another place repair outlets.

liquid damage


Get expert service for your Mac. Bouncing beachballs, question marks, cracked screens, non-working keyboards & trackpads and other issues.​

water damage


Better performance? A Hard drive upgrade can make your old device fast as new.

water damage mac


No data, no charge basis recovery service. Have a free diagnostic for your faulty hard drives and dead Macs.

Please use the contact form to get an immediate quotation or any other queries.​

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Excellent service, I couldn’t recommend more. My SSD hard on MacBook Air failed and couldn’t get the data back. Other shops told me it was impossible to recover data but this shop recovered all my data in 3 days with a reasonable price compared to elsewhere. They also Installed a new hard drive and a Mac OS for me in 1 hour. They’re really professional
Extremely professional serviceYoussef is a gentleman and an excellent Apple product specialistVery good value for moneyCan’t recommend highly enough
Ad Feu
Ad Feu
Great experience here! Same day iPad screen fix replacement :))) It was done in less than half a day and everything was ok :)) will come back (hopefully not too soon lol)
Adam William Modlin
Adam William Modlin
Very professional service, fast and efficient, definitely recommend to friends and family! Thank you
raji akinola
raji akinola
Excellent diagnostic analysis and repair services that led to resolving my MacBook Pro multiple issues.
Yoomi Kwon
Yoomi Kwon
Super efficient and friendly service and with honesty. The gentleman at the shop took time to explain the issue and available solutions. I didn’t visit other shops so I cannot compare the price but I felt it was very reasonable. Highly recommend!
Josie Sommer
Josie Sommer
Brilliant service - super friendly and helpful. I brought in my HP laptop which had an issue with the fan. Although they usually work fix Apples, they were really kind and patient and tried to fix the problem on the spot. After some investigation they got the fan working again and when I asked how much I owed them, they wouldn't accept a payment because they said it's not what they normally do. Can't thank them enough - would really recommend!
The gentleman was really nice to me. He solved my problem very quickly. I recommend 100%. Je suis Française et mon Anglais n’est pas parfait. Mais il a été patient et super compréhensif.
Mon ordinateur Macbook a arrêté de fonctionner du jour au lendemain. J'étais en panique et je suis tout d'abord allée dans un magasin de réparation près de chez moi " Apple repair Station" un désastre - une erreur fatale. Ils m'ont assuré que je ne paierai pas le diagnostic et quand je suis retournée au magasin ils m'ont demandé de payer. Mécontente j'ai donc demandé les services de New's Apple Repair.Il est vrai que quand nous allons dans un magasin de réparation nous souhaitons obtenir une bonne réparation mais c'est encore plus important de trouver un endroit où les réparateurs sont honnêtes et intègres.C'est pourquoi je recommande cet endroit - non seulement pour le bon service que j'ai reçu (service rapide) mais également pour la qualité de réparation.Merci infiniment ! Vous êtes les meilleurs.