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liquid damage         Nobody is ready to wait for a computer that takes so much time to process one instruction especially when it is your expensive Mac computer. It is even more painful when you wake up one morning to discover that all the files you saved the previous night are no longer where you saved them. Are you sure water has gotten into the system? Exposing you Mac computer to water or any other liquid can lead to the corrosion of its internal components especially the RAM, which may result to a decline in performance over time and cause it to malfunction. This is why you must ensure you keep your computer away from moist as well as any other conditions which could cause potential damage to it. This also applies to all your expensive apple gadgets. It’s quite unfortunate; your device warranty doesn’t cover a liquid damage. Fear not! We can help you restore your Mac to normal. In fact, at newtonsapplerepair, we deal with liquid damage repairs on various apple devices almost every day. Whether it’s your iPad, iPhone or any of your priceless Mac computers, we can get it back to its former glory and very fast too.

          Your Apple device is interwoven into your life and business. We understand you might need your device to be ready as soon as possible. Our engineers are dedicated to ensuring you get your Mac before the agreed deadline. This way you won’t miss you device very much!

          Compared to many repair companies around, we offer up to 50% cheaper repairs on waterlogged Apple computers and phones. So you can be certain you are doing it cheap with us. You can get in touch with us online to get a quote or you can come directly to our office.

          At Newtons Apple Repair, we offer quality professional Apple Mac repair services at cost effective prices. Over the years, we have adopted a culture of consistency and expertise which has made us successful in offering repair services of true professional values to customers all over in UK. We have been able to build a team of dedicated Mac specialists who can provide quick repair solutions to all kinds of Mac issues.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your device or pricing.