SSD/Ram Upgrade

RAM/SSD Upgrade

SSD Upgrade

Hard Drive/SSD Upgrade

The hard drive is the part of your Mac that stores your data. If your device is more than a couple of years old, your Mac performance becomes slowing down. Replacing hard drive with an SSD (Solid State Drive) will increase the speed of your old Mac. This rule applies for 2012 (non- retina) and older generation Macs.
As its name suggests, SSD is solid. There are no moving parts—unlike the traditional mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) which use a read/write head floating over a magnetic platter. This makes SSDs more robust and quieter, it also means read and write times are much quicker.
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Why upgrade the SSD on a Mac?

There are two main reasons for SSD Upgrade:
•Speed up the performance
•Increase the storage size
For 2012-below models and iMacs
-If your Mac is running slow, getting the spinning wheel, and taking a long time to boot up then, your Mac requires an SSD upgrade. These issues will not happen with a Solid State Drive (SSD).
An SSD upgrade can drastically improve the speed and performance of your Mac when upgraded from a regular hard drive.
For 2012-above models (except some specific newer models, please contact us to check the eligibility)
-If your Mac is running out of storage and you need more space then, you can get an upgrade to increase your SSD size.

RAM (Memory) Upgrade

Memory(RAM) is a component in your computer that allows for short-term data access. Inside the system, memory works alongside the system’s processor and storage drive (hard drive or SSD) to access and use data.
The speed and amount of memory you’ve got installed increase the multitasking capabilities of your device. You will be able to open more applications at the same time. For your piece of mind, old generation devices come with regular hard drives, and the speed of the device slows down in time. Memory upgrade will not increase the speed much and for that SSD upgrade needs to be done.
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Ram Upgrade

Why upgrade the RAM on a Mac?

While swapping an old hard disk drive for a modern SSD is the most important hardware improvement. Besides that, The Mac RAM Upgrade lets you load programs faster, increase responsiveness, run data-intensive applications with ease, and increase your laptop’s multitasking capabilities. Upgrading both SSD and RAM can give the most efficient upgrade.


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