imac pro


imac proThe iMac pro is every new age developer’s dream, as it has taken elements of various features and made it better. Features such as storage, processing speed, RAM size; graphic units and operating system have been designed to give a range of developers, from editors to animators and musicians the range to reinvent their fields.

Display specifications for iMac pro

The iMac pro, stays true to the apple brand, and does not disappoint with its wide 27 inch screen and about 15 million pixels, professionals get to view their works of art in high definition. The screen size offers the larger than life experience and p3 with the massive amount of colours available to the users deliver one of the most impressive realities on screen.

Processing and graphic performance for the iMac pro

The iMac pro has a range of processors in the form 8, 10 and 18, increasing its processing speed to the fastest possible speed. The iMac created by professionals for professionals, is perfect for live time audio effects creation and editing 4k videos.

The iMac pro also consists of a hyper threading system which allows user extract particle schemes of different forms for animations or otherwise.

iMac pro is debuting with a new graphic unit device, exclusive to the apple brand, and faster that previous graphic units. Tagged the Radeon pro Vega, this new GPU packs a punch, as it allows for better virtual reality settings, higher resolution gameplay, and improved and reality centric special effects.

Storage performance for iMac pro

Designed specifically for 3D rendering among others, the iMac pro is fitted with a RAM size of up to 128GB, allowing users open multiple files at once, while navigating and performing tasks in each of the open windows. This high storage capacity not only improves the functionality of the iMac pro, it also ensures that application open faster and load faster.

Its 4TB storage space, allows for slicing and dicing of videos, animations and other effects with the aim of having them in one frame without deleting. This massive storage capacity offers users the opportunity to create and edit HD and 4K art regardless of codec.

Heat management system for the iMac pro

iMac pro is designed with high powered features, and as such it is to be expected that the device will experience a lot of heat energy from time to time. Apple has created a solution for a powerful performance yet reduced thermal emissions. Additional venting, a heat sink and two blowers have been fitted to the iMac pro, to ensure proper cooling.