apple iphone x


iphone x reviewIphone x popularly known as iphone 10 is new and it’s different. A phone that has been designed to be all screen, it is set to be a hit with iphone lovers. Iphone X is made with stainless steel, does not have a home button, is designed to unlock using a face recognition technology, and is resistant to water and dust

Iphone X; the display overview

This new design has been fitted with a screen of 5.8 inches and a resolution of 2436 x 1125. It also comes with an OLED screen display, which is said to be a better version of other OLED screens. In addition to the true tone sensor monitoring and white light adjusting technology, the iphone x has high resolution for playing videos brought about with its feature with dolby digital.

The iphone X might not have a home button, but this doesn’t make the phone any less awesome. Its sensitivity is improved, allowing users to wake the phone up by tapping on the screen. Siri can still be activated with the side button, and the apple play app can be launched by double tapping the screen.

Camera and processing specifications for iphone x

Iphone X has a rare camera with 12 mega pixels and a front camera with 7 mega pixels. A lot of features are fitted in between these features, to allow for clearer, more focused and properly lighted pictures. Similar to the iphone 8 features are changes to the portrait mode.

The new iphone X comes with a bionic chip, a faster processor and a graphic unit designed and exclusive to the apple brand. This new A11 bionic processor boasts of higher speed than other processors, as it has been designed with 6 cores.

Battery Life for the iphone X

it is not surprising that the new and improved brand will have a better battery life than its predecessors. It is said to last two more hours than iphone 7 and has a capacity of 2,716mAh.

The new face ID feature in iphone X

iphone x reviewThe new face ID recognition technology for iphone X uses a Truedepth camera application, found at the top area of the phone. The recognition software works using infrared technology, first to illuminate the users face for mapping, and then using the camera as recognition means.

The beauty of this software is its ability to learn constantly and consistently, even with the changes in the users face, this technology doesn’t get confused.