macbook security


It is untrue that computer viruses do not affect MacBook.  It is unwise to rely on the device security tools because many free third _party apps are more effective at keeping our Mac safe and secured.  If you are not buoyant enough to afford paying for an antivirus consider these three popular free antiviruses for Mac, it costs nothing.

These free antivirus apps can be used on MacBook


Avast Mac Security

Avast Mac Security

This offers Mac users the shield needed to guard the Mac from an ever increasing virus threats. It scans the entire system for problems and then configure to shield from new dangers. It provides 3 shields; the mail-shield and web-shield which helps to scan all incoming data from the internet and file-shield which helps to scan all program stored already. It is simple to use. I give you 100% assurance,  Avast will guard your Mac perfectly as you navigate the web.



Sophos home for MacSophos home for Mac:

Sophos is probably the most popular free antivirus for Mac. As Mac viruses is on the up, Sophos can be installed at zero cost. It provides very good malware shield, scan and detect easily every threat and eliminate high-risk items swiftly. Sophos can also manually scan the device to erase threats found in backups, in caches, and in emails. It has a friendly interface, it allows for remote scans and it scans and shields sites by category.




This is a highly potent antivirus; it gives the Mac top class shield for nothing. It both guards device from threats as well as stopping it from transferring viruses. This free antivirus for Mac uses top notch technology to prevent a device against threats and even terrible variants like ransom-ware.  Installation is easy and the interface is friendly to use. It runs complete scan quickly and erases most windows threats in hands-on tests. It is highly effective and cost nothing.