The Dangerous iPhone Feature That Can Wipe Off Your Data, Revealed!


  The Dangerous iPhone Feature That Can Wipe Off Your Data, Revealed!Good day to you (iPhone Fans). You are highly welcome to this blog.

This write up contains hazardous features present in iPhone which can make you less interested in the newly introduced iPhones. Guess that is why you stumbled on this post, Isn’t it?. Bet you just said YES!

Alright then let me quickly walk you through them.

Just as you anticipated from all our devices such as smartphones. All the essential features needed are incorporated with it. Still, it has come to our notice that there is something strange about the smartphones. We probed further and discovered that some users claim that our  device is easily assessible which is not always the case. Among this threatening features is the dangerous iPhone features that will be discussed at once

Presently, smartphones has become necessity in our life. It has find its way to become part of our day to day activities. We make use of our phone almost every time. We use it to perform various functions like making and receiving calls, browsing just to mention a few.

No matter how clear the sky is, there will still be dark clouds  The Dangerous iPhone Feature That Can Wipe Off Your Data, Revealed!

What I am trying to say is this,

Despite all this merits, there is still some unhealthy conditions associated with iPhone device. That is why you need to be careful when handling one . Read further to see this wonderful discovery.

Firstly, assuming you enabled security setting on your device. Then, the screen will be locked and it will be required of you to enter the right combination of passwords before you can gain access to any application. Peradventure you entered incorrect codes for about 10 times. You may loose all your data through your actions for safety reasons.

Secondly, If you pressed “Settings” in the Menu list, scrolled down to Identification and password then clicked delete data. That command coupled with the fact you  entered over 10 wrong passwords to unlock your phone will lead to great loss. Your information and record will be wiped away  automatically within 3 hours.

Take heed and inform others!