THE NEW APPLE IPAD 2018 AT A GLANCEApple’s new iPad 2018 is a new invention of tablet perfectly made for students. The Apple iPad comes with a pencil which makes it easy to take notes and drawings on it, it comes at an affordable price giving an amazing performance in an everyday use by providing every feature you would want from a usual tablet you buy. The awesome comes has a 32GB internal storage and a 128 GB built-in storage capacity, a Wi-Fi and cellular powered model.

This awesome device has some peculiar specifications in it which will be listed below:

  • The Apple Pencil Support:

The sophisticated device comes with a pencil that aids in writing notes and drawing better for users which is one of the most vital attribute you would require in an iPad. Users would be able to use other features in the device effectively alongside with the Apple Pencil making it fun to use the device.

  • The Intensive Functions:

The Apple iPad 2018 works with an A10 Fusion processor, which supremacies iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The A10 Fusion processor helps to deal with complicated processes easily.

  • The Multitasking Feature:

The fantastic iPads permits the user to utilize as many applications as possible on the iPad 2018. Apple IOS 11 operating system does not allow this feature on iPhone but it gives iPads which it stands out in its technology.THE NEW APPLE IPAD 2018 AT A GLANCE

  • The Fingerprint Reader:

The new Apple iPhone has a fingerprint reader which is the Touch ID sensor, on the MacBook Pro in the Apple ecosystem though the technology was switched to a Face ID recognition technology on the new device. Many users find the Touch ID fingerprint and the face technology really advantageous on the device and it is only available on the iPad 2018.


The new Apple iPad 2018 has other unique specifications in it which includes the 9.7-inch IPS LED display that gives a resolution of 2224 x 1668 pixel (265 ppi) and a protective screen which is better than every other tablet products, It is powered by quad-core A10X Fusion Processor at about 2.38 GHz supported with a 2 GB RAM it has a 12-megapixel f/2.2 720p @ 30fps and a autofocus, HDR with a mainframe, though the device is a new innovation that comes with the IOS 11.3 operating system which is likely to take its update soon.