UPCOMING 3 NEW IPHONES LEAKED IN 2018The most recent Apple news making rounds at the moment is the rumored release of a jumbo-sized iPhone X this year. Analysts in the mobile phone Industry predict the possibilities of having at least three new comers in 2018. Reports have it that Apple is developing a 6.5-inch model similar to the iPhone X however it is a step ahead with a larger OLED screen. Analysts are certain that the Apple brand also intends to unveil a sequel with a OLED screen display as large as 5.8 inches. And the third guest of the new iPhones, would be amore affordable model with an edge-to-edge designed LCD screen, coupled with a TrueDepth facial recognition set at about $600 and $900 prices.

Ming Chi Kuo, a prominent analyst of KGI Securities is of the opinion that Apple may launch two new models with OLED screens, and another with an LCD screen. The two models may threaten the iPhone X popularity sooner than expected. It should be recollected that the iPhone X was the first of iPhones to utilize the OLED screen advantage, putting steps ahead in power saving, and high definition display. The anticipated releases may share similarities with the recent iPhone X, same facial recognition TrueDepth Camera, but we are likely to see new features like a 512GB-layered storage. In the same vein, many analysts believe that these expected releasesare just one of Apple’s moves tofully explore the 2H18F technology in enhancing user performance, maximizing costs and expanding the iPhone collection. Hence the focus is more on expansion than a ground-breaking change for the iPhones technologies.

Now what are the basic features to look out for?

  • The iPhone 11 or iPhone XI (suggested model name): OLED screen-5.8inches (same design as the iPhone X).
  • The iPhone X Plus or iPhone XI Plus: OLED screen-6.5inches.
  • The LCD iPhone: Comes with an LCD screen-6.1 inches, shaped like the iPhone X but a few bezels larger, Face Recognition, no 3D touch, no double rear camera lenses, more affordable range of $600 to $700.

There seems to be a recurring pattern in how Apple releases its flagship models almost every September. Whether this is a development caused by internal contingencies or a deliberate market move, Kuo remains certain that Apple will stick to the September-Autumn date.