IPHONE BATTERY LIFE WITH IOS 11Take a look at this- advance iOS software now available. Perhaps your tired device is experiencing battery deterioration, this new software will maximize its efficiency. If your phone battery is not as efficient as it used to be, try out the following tips to help

Ways to improve the efficiency of your phone battery with iOs11

1. Examine applications

IPhone saves the record of its battery usage ranging from the applications that drain it more to the application that least consumes battery. Navigate to settings, there you will see the records of apps and the degree at which they each consume energy in the last twenty four hours.

2. Reduce background lightning

Turning on display alone for a certain period of time can have a negative effect on the battery of your phone. Refer to the settings to adjust this feature. You can also toggle on auto brightness if you use your device more at night or reside in a place that is not always sunny. Remember automatic brightness settings was moved to accessibility settings in iOS 11.

3. Dim your flash light

Similarly to display, this component also consumes battery. With the new software there are various flashlight levels (four in number). Do you use your flash light often? try to make it less bright (lowest setting) to conserve your phone battery.

4. Go for battery saver mode

Battery saver or super power mode helps to conserve battery. It prevents non user authorized app refresh, reduces the volume of ringing tone for incoming calls and the likes. When retained charge go as low as 20 percent iOs11 pushes a notification to the screen demanding for it be turn on. It can be toggled on in settings as well.

5. Fetch your emails manually

Check your email settings and ensure the on screen notification is turned off and set to update new emails manually.

6. Avoid Siri

The amount of power this feature consumes has not been confirmed yet but it does uses a certain amount of power because when you switch to battery saver mode it turns off this feature. Ensure it is toggled off as well to save your battery
7. Limit non user authorized app refresh and downloads
8. Disable irrelevant visual effects
9. Speed up automatic lock
10 Turn off location settings
11. Limit Notifications