HOW TO SPEED UP YOUR OLD, TIRED IPHONEAre you thinking of getting rid of your old device? Read this article before you make that decision. Over time the battery capacities of iPhones tend to deteriorate, due to this reason the device manufacturer admitted the device was slowed down to conserve the battery life.

Old device are slowed down to save the battery life and prevent close down without warning.

Perhaps your device is not as efficient as before the following tips can be adopted to make your old iPhone perform better. 

6 methods to increase the efficiency of old tired phone

  1. Create free spot

Your device may perform slower when it is near capacity. Create some free spot by uninstalling applications you are not in need of, remove irrelevant contents in gallery. You can use iOs11 as well to create vacant spot.

  1. Go for advance settings

You can also use iOs11 to reduce the file size of photos and videos. For photos and videos use required format to enable reduction. Contents in the gallery fills up most of the memory space in the phone device. Navigate to settings, go to camera, scroll to formats and click on High efficiency to use ideal formats. Remember advance format settings option is absent in older phones

  1. Increase efficiency

Update your old phone to increase its efficiency. Verify if you have apps that needs to be updated after upgrading it to iOS 11. To do this, go to the app store, select update and click on update all to upgrade old apps.

  1. Disable non user authorized updates

iOs11 enables automatic upgrade of apps in the background to make updating easier. The disadvantage of this is the effect it has on the battery and central processing unit. Automatic update of apps engages the central processing unit and drains battery. It is recommended to disable upgrade through usual way.

  1. Turn off app refresh

Like automatic updates apps also refresh in the background, this is really helpful but also engages the central processing unit which can make the device run slow.

  1. Restart your device

Perhaps the above methods does not work, you can learn to restart at intervals especially if it is on for a long period of time. You can put off then on or simply restart your device to refresh applications.

Hope you find the above write up helpful