ipad pro


ipad proDesigned to be compact, but offer a lot of powerful features to meet the user’s need, the iPad pro is the dream device for people on the go. It offers more than most PCs ever could, both in performance and in looks. The new iPad pro has a display so advanced, it allows the user have real-life experiences from the screen.

Display performance and external design for iPad pro

Fitted with a 10.5 inch screen and a 12.9 inch screen, the iPad pro lets users see more, and do more. The device also comes with a full screen keyboard, making it easier to use wherever, whenever, and however.

Its large screen is not all the iPad pro has to offer, it also comes with increased sensitivity for a better and smoother experience in gaming and scrolling through the device.

The proMotion technology comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, which works in two ways, one in making the screen more visual and also making the screen responsive; with or without the apple pen.

Ipad Pro is a great device for users who don’t want the extra’s laptops bring. Designed with the minimalist in mind, the iPad pro weighs only 469 grams and is 6.1 mm, for the 10.5 inch screen and 677 grams and 6.9 mm for the 12.9 inch screen letting users go anywhere without giving up the comforts a PC accords.

Processing and battery performance for iPad pro

iPad pro has a A01X fusion chip, combined with a 64-bit structure, to ensure multitasking is made easy.  Users can edit high definition pictures, work on 4K videos and play games at various times, without closing the apps. This multitasking feature is made better, with the iPad pro’s new docking feature, which allows users work on Photoshop applications while checking schedules or dates.

iPad pro can last for as long as ten hours on a single charge, creating opportunities for users to be more productive.

The iPad pro Apple pencil

The apple pencil in conjunction to the new refresh rate, offers users an even greater experience. Drawing with the apple pencil doesn’t get much better than this, as the pixels are precise and shaper than before. In addition, the refresh rate makes writing or using the apple pen an even smoother experience.

Writers get so much more from the apple pencil, as they can write whenever they are inspired. Written text can also be searched for later. Signing documents or PDF files is made easier, and so is sketching in the same area as a text.