Iphone 6 Screen Replacement


Iphone 6 Screen ReplacementYou’ve probably got a crack on your screen, and can’t figure out what to do? Are you scared your phone is never going to be the same? Or are you biting your nails, trying to figure out how to get your phone fixed? Not to worry, phones fall all the time and the screen gets cracked or broken, and there are definitely ways to fix this.  To get you well on your way to having things as good as new, here are five iphone 6 screen replacement tips:

  1. Don’t do anything. This might sound funny, especially as it is the opposite of what you should be doing, but unless it has a major fault, with the LCD screen or touch screen function, you should leave the phone be.
  2. If having a phone with a cracked screen is not your style, fault or no fault, you need to take it to any of our care stores nearest to you as quickly as you can. The good news; you get a massive discount if you paid for apple care for your iphone 6 and if you didn’t you pay a reasonable amount of money with discount of course. The bad news; if your iphone 6 doesn’t pass the calibration process, or if it has a bent frame, you get to pay the full replacement price.
  3. Pro tip: taking your iphone as soon as the phone cracks may get you off the hook. If it has a single line crack for instance, you get the phone fixed for free, as apple techs may chalk it up to a manufacturing defect. Please note that this tip has a huge maybe sign hanging over it. if they don’t decide to let you off on a manufacturing defect verdict, you might want to plead with them, keeping a huge smile on your face, because the decision is ultimately up to them
  4. Backup your files on the cloud or an external device, just in case there is a serious issue.
  5. The phone needs to be switched off, before the care technicians can get to replace your screen. You should always write your iphone password down on a piece of paper before taking it in for repairs.

The iphone 6 screen replacement can be done by you, but that’s not advisable, especially if this is all new to you.