IPAD 2 SCREEN REPLACEMENTThe great thing about phone repairs is as time goes on, the prices for fixing apple devices goes down. This might also be due to the growing number of accident related damages for their devices. Either way, it is best to go to any of our care stores, when the screen on your phone gets damaged, because not only are you certain  that any parts that get replaced will be fixed with the best parts in the store, you also know that nothing funny is going to  happen to your device. However, if you are feeling adventurous and you would like to know a little bit about how the ipad 2 screen replacement happens, here’s a couple of steps to getting that done.

  1. Use a heat gun on the ipad to melt the adhesive holding the screen to the rest of the phone. Start with the right side of the ipad, heat it for about 10 seconds but make sure the heat gun settings are not on high, as you might melt the bezel.
  2. Make sure the heat is mainly at the right side of the ipad. When the glue is melted, take a steel razor and stick it at the left side of the ipad. When you are sure the blade is properly positioned, move the razor gently up and down working the screen away from the rest of the tablet (frame). Keep in mind that the right corner on the upper side of the phone has cables, so try to work your blade away from that region so you don’t cut anything.
  3. Alternate between heating and prying, in order to completely detach the frame from the screen. To make things easier, use some elbow grease in conjunction with the glue gun.
  4. If you’ve done it right, you will be able to get the screen away from the frame at this point. You also need to remove the four screws holding the screen to the connector while also removing compartments such as the camera and the home button.
  5. Fix the new screen in place, while attaching the connectors. You need to use compressed air, as the next step, to get rid of any dust or glass hiding in the corners of the ipad.
  6. Once this is done, put some glue at the sides of the screen, fasten the top frame, and then use some clamps to hold everything in place. Your ipad 2 screen replacement exercise should be completed in a couple of hours.