iphone 7 Screen Replacement



iphone 7 Screen ReplacementIphones are usually very durable, so you normally don’t have to worry about broken screens and the lot, except your phone gets thrown off a building or you take a hammer to your screen.  Broken screens can be managed, but on the other hand they could be problematic. Its best to get your phone looked at by a professional, if you’re not sure what to do, but if you are a DIY lover and are new to fixing screens, here’s a guide to an iphone 7 screen replacement:


  1. Switch off your phone, as you don’t want extra complications
  2. iphones usually have two screws at the bottom, near the charging port, you should get that first.
  3. Use a pry tool, to open up the screen area as opposed to a suction cup, because the iphone 7 uses a lot of adhesives on the screen. Slip the tool between the metal frame of the phone and the screen, while gently twisting until it comes loose. Take note of the ribbon cables at the right side of the phone, so you don’t cut them. If the adhesives pose a serious problem, use some heat, but only a little (a hairdryer works magic).
  4. Once you’ve opened up the screen, you need to take care of all the ribbons holding the phone together. The battery ribbon, screen ribbon and the ribbon at the top of the phone should be carefully detached so the screen isn’t connected to the phone anymore.
  5. Remove the huge metal plate at the back of the screen, connected by three screws, along with the earpiece bracket, camera ribbon cable and earpiece speaker which are located at the top of the screen. All screws should be compartmentalized, so they don’t get mixed up.
  6. Pry the metal plate away from the back of the screen, but be careful as there is more adhesive attached to the screen.
  7. Remove the home button from the bottom, and fix your new screen
  8. To reassemble, redo the steps from bottom to the top.

Remember DIY with an iphone 7 screen replacement process is at your own risk. So if you change your mind, you could quickly give us a call and would have your iphone 7 screen fixed at an affordable rate. At least you don’t have to worry about damaging the phone beyond repair.