Liquid Damage

What should I do for a liquid damage issue?

Liquid DamageLiquid damage is a definitely a nightmare for everyone. However, you do not need to make panic or stress. Solutions might be very simple if you take care of your device from the first second of the damage happened.

What should I do, firstly?

You just need to turn the device off and take out the battery if you able to do that. After then, call the nearest Apple repair company to get advice about what you need to do before going to repair shop. If you are not able to call any repair center or if there is no any near repair center then you just need to keep the device off and leave it on your table. The device might be work when turning on it after a couple of hours. However, it does not mean all ok. Because liquid damage all electronic parts and your device electronic parts start to oxidize in time which damaged electronic elements in your device.

What can I do If I have some knowledge about repairing electronic devices?

You are so lucky If you have some knowledge about the subject. You need to make your screwdrivers ready to open up the device. Then follow the below steps, carefully.


1 – Disconnect the battery from the main electronic segment as soon as open up the device.

2 – Take a picture of your device for remembering all connections correctly when you connect them back all connections to right place.

3 – Observe the all-electronic elements and determine affected elements from the liquid.

4 – You are going to need some pure alcohol. You can purchase from electronic device shops or online.

5 – Take a toothbrush.

6 – Put some pure alcohol on damaged electronic elements and start to brush with your toothbrush, gently.

7- After making clear all surface of the damaged element then leaves the device on the table till dry.

8 – If you make sure there is no any liquid damage sign on electronic elements then you can start to connect all connection.

liquid damage
Please do not forget that the battery must be connected as the latest element. Don’t do anything when battery connects on the device.

Your device probably will be work. However, some elements might be affected, too which you can not see with your eyes such a microphone, mouse, headset because of liquid effect.

The best thing is to make your test as soon as make the device ready to run. If you face any issue then please turn the device off again and go to the nearest Apple repair shop as soon as possible. Quick response is very critical in such liquid damage for electronic devices.



We strongly advise you do not keep any liquid around your electronic device. Many people pour the coffee or water on their devices, accidentally. That is why we do not recommend to keep such liquids around your electronic devices.  You can prevent sort of nightmare issues by taking some simple countermeasures. Also, please make sure about what company you prefer to repair your device. You must trust the company. Because you probably got many data in the device. It might not correct decision to leave the device for any company to repair it.


MacOs: Initiating Various Commands on the Menu Bar


MacOs: Initiating Various Commands on the Menu BarThere are various commands that you can perform on your menu bar on your MacOs to create visual preferences on your device.

There are several procedures you need to follow whenever you want to issues out commands, regarding how you want to manage your device properly, especially with the outlook of system icons. You can work your way around the menu bar by three activities which shall be discussed in paragraphs below, regarding how to manage operations on your device, without needing any form of technical assistance. The reason why you have to perform these command is to have a full control of all the system functions on your device. Interestingly, there are approaches you can follow to ensure that you gain full access to controls in the area of system management. Three of these approaches are discussed below.

1.Removing system icons

This approach to MacOs usage can allow users to remove system icons that are surplus to frequent usage. To detach an icon from the menu bar, you need to identify the icon you want to remove. Next, you place your pharyngoscope cursor on the icon after it has shown you a sign, prompting you to initiate a detachment. Thereafter, you can drag your mouse and expect to have the unwanted icon detached from the menu bar.

2.Restoring detached system iconsMacOs: Initiating Various Commands on the Menu Bar

The icons you have willfully detached from your menu bar may become needed at any point in time. Therefore, the process you used in dragging out unwanted system icons in the first place can also be used in restoring icons you want back on your menu bar. However, if you want to place a new system icon on the menu bar, you need to restart the selected icon back to the menu bar. Moreover, there are color preferences with which you can use the process to restore your preferred icons back to the menu bar.

3.Rearranging the system icons

You can arrange your systems icons in their order of importance to your daily tasks. There are systems icons you cannot neglect using in a day. To allow your work on your device freely, you can drag your system icons from the menu bar and rearrange, depending on your discretion.

The MacOs gives you the control over the activities you want to put extra focus on your device. You have the option of working with various system icons, but you can decide to issue out commands that can leave your preferred icons on the menu bar. On that account, you make pending the system icons that are useful to you at the moment, which can be found outside the menu bar.

Windows-based Applications: Running them successfully on Mac


Windows-based Applications: Running them successfully on MacThere are Windows-based applications that are strictly meant for windows-enable devices, which appears difficult to have them run on a Mac device successfully.

At the first instance, having a Windows-based application working on a MacBook may appear strange, considering the fact that these two entities have been separately invented to work independently. In the course of the years, the evolution of technology has led to the accommodation of Windows-based application to work on a Mac device without interruption of any kind. The reason is that this feat is becoming a reality, particularly for Apple users who are planning to enhance better navigation on Google maps. A lot of Apple product users should anticipate this new direction, as some notions need to be examined in the course of supporting this nice idea, by the coming together of two digital giants.

1.Augmented reality

There is a motive behind testing out this notion, which is to give users a reason to trust their devices when trying to get to a location. Going by the way in which all activities are taking place, users can take a picture of a destination, wait for their mobile devices to decide on the next direction they need to follow without going missing at any moment.

2.Social navigationWindows-based Applications: Running them successfully on Mac

The idea of including augmented reality into the digital space is to make reality relatable on electronic devices. For a couple of years, users have depended on Google maps to help them get to their destination, in a somewhat mechanical manner. However, all of that is changing soon, because users can interact better with their mobile devices, like the way a person would interact with someone else in the course of a journey.

3.Futuristic claims

Technological inventions are springing up at every hour and one cannot afford to ignore the realistic changes that are coming to the phone users who are beginning to cherish the ideas of exploring new dimensions in the digital industry. Mapping has helped the way people interact with different location, and it is high time people started visualizing their locations, by staring and following visual and voice prompts on their mobile devices.

A new direction is coming to Mac users as they prepare to make an inbound adjustment to how augmented reality can be achieved by running Windows-based application on their devices. This is a new social dimension in which phone users can initiate an interaction with their mobile devices with the help of a virtual assistant.

Surefire Ways to Retrieve Back images deleted from iPhone


Surefire Ways to Retrieve Back images deleted from iPhoneDid you ever wake up one day to discover your favorite pictures are no where to be found in your phone?

If the device in your possession is a brand of iPhone products, don’t feel bad about your erased images.

Wondering why I said so?

Keep on reading, in the next few paragraphs you will find out. There are ready made solutions to help you fix the problem which will be explained in the next few paragraphs.

First Approach: Restoring erased pictures through backup. Did I hear you say how?

Let’s keep going

The easiest way to retrieve all data for Android and iOS devices is to take the bull by the horn by having a duplicate copyright from the on set. It is not difficult at all, infact restoring through this method with iCloud and iTunes is stress-free. Another advantage is that this approach comes in handy when you misplace, loose your device to theft or it’s faulty.

Depending on the model of your device, features like” recently deleted folder” can be used to restore deleted images. This can be found in iOS 8 and it contains records of things erased not longer than a month. So if your erased picture falls within this period, you will be happy to find it there. Then you can move it back to its real folder or gallery. Note: After 30 days items in “recently deleted folder” will be permanently removed.

The downside to this feature is that only deleted images can be retrieved from it. This means that malware and other virulent software removed from your device will be absent in this folder which is an added advantage. Furthermore, images erased during device upgrade or iCloud synchronization will not be in this feature too.

On the contrary, if there are images you wish to delete forever, you have to delete them from this folder.

Now back to the question: How to retrieve my pictures?

Simply navigate to “photos” click and go to “Recently deleted”. Click to highlight the images you wish to restore and press the recover icon. That’s allSurefire Ways to Retrieve Back images deleted from iPhone

Second Approach: If you do not have a backup then this is for you!

For those without duplicate copy, retrieving erased images with free software is not an easy task. Other applicable softwares may come with a cost which can be on the high side for you. Those that are free of charge works on the lost folder. Remember to switch your phone to airplane mode before commencing the restoration process. This is just a safety measure to keep your phone in check.

Watch out for programs with bad review and abstain from them to avoid exposing your device to risks.

Above all, the safest means is to have duplicate copy in external hard disks and encrypted files.