HOW TO CREATE A VIRTUAL HOME SCREEN KEY ON IPHONE XThere are certain stunts a few smartphone brands can pull; change whatever you may on the products, and customer loyalty still stays stronger. Now Apple is definitely one of those brands. And talking about stunts, the X model got released with a little surprise. There is no key designated for the home location.  Nevertheless, you would discover a better process to simulating a key that would perform the “home” role for your iPhone. Not a lot of us saw this edge to edge screen modification coming when we anticipated the X. The visible button that takes you home was considered redundant. Its absence gives you the better display screen size, now substituted by the gesture-technology. Therefore the X stands out, as the only iPhone without the button. Now if you are one of those people who have an emotional attachment with the ditched key feature, there is still hope.

Here is an amazing workaround for you to get your darling home key back: 

Try a Virtual Home Key Option

Although not noticeable, the IOS actually comes with a secret home key. You can access this via your Settings. From your >Settings, select >General, and then >Accessibility and finally >Assistive Touch. The assistive function is to actually support individuals with certain challenges. Now go ahead and enable it, select the Single-Tap option, pick the Home, your simulated Home key will surface on the display.

You prefer your new Home location key (we know it is virtual) to be more of an entity key, then you can set this in the custom tap options: if you want it for a “single or double-tap”, 3D Touch or better still a long press function.  You can also move your new Home key anywhere you want it to be on the screen, it’s even more mobile unlike your old favorite, even if you feel like dragging it to the middle bottom of your screen to give it that favorite home key position. It may obstruct your navigation of other apps, so here is what to do to get it out of “apps-way”.  Migrate all your apps and create room to locate your simulated home key right at the bottom center of the screen. Now you have a home key just like the old one. Take out the word “virtual”, and they are just the same.