ipad screen replacement


ipad screen replacementThe best thing about apple devices is their water resistance features, a broken screen can still be used no doubt, but if you love staying near water you might want to get the screen fixed as a broken screen reduces water resistance on the ipad. If you’re looking to do it right, here are a couple steps for the ipad screen replacement:

  1. Give us a call. Our technicians are always on call to put you through on any questions you have. We will fix your screen for a reasonable amount of money, plus you are certain your tablet won’t have any issues when you get it back. If you are going to send it to our apple technicians, don’t forget to back your files up.
  2. While accident damage isn’t covered under the apple one year warranty plan, if you’ve got apple care+, our technicians can take care of your screen for a hugely discounted fee on two incidents. If you aren’t on our warranty plan, you pay the full price for damage repairs. On the bright side, you get your ipad back within three to five business days. Note that if you get apple to engrave your ipad, it may take longer than a couple of days to get it back, you might have to wait for about two weeks.
  3. Don’t go to a third party store. Third party stores not only use parts that may not be up to apple’s standard during repairs, they could also brick your ipad. Note that if your phone is bricked, you might have to get a new phone, as apple techs reserve the right to refuse you service. Bricking your phone is not the only thing you have to worry about with a third party store, they could also damage parts of your phone, the fragile ribbons that hold the internal structure of your phone together perhaps. If you do eventually decide to go with the third party store, make sure they have a warranty on both their service and the screen they’ve replaced.
  4. Third party stores don’t offer low enough prices. You might think you are getting a good enough deal from a third party store, but you aren’t. Third party stores should be last resorts, only if things are financially tight, you don’t have an apple care store near you, or having your ipad away for a couple of days seems like a big deal.

When it comes to making a choice on your ipad screen replacement, working with us is the best way to handle things