The Dangerous iPhone Feature That Can Wipe Off Your Data, Revealed!


  The Dangerous iPhone Feature That Can Wipe Off Your Data, Revealed!Good day to you (iPhone Fans). You are highly welcome to this blog.

This write up contains hazardous features present in iPhone which can make you less interested in the newly introduced iPhones. Guess that is why you stumbled on this post, Isn’t it?. Bet you just said YES!

Alright then let me quickly walk you through them.

Just as you anticipated from all our devices such as smartphones. All the essential features needed are incorporated with it. Still, it has come to our notice that there is something strange about the smartphones. We probed further and discovered that some users claim that our  device is easily assessible which is not always the case. Among this threatening features is the dangerous iPhone features that will be discussed at once

Presently, smartphones has become necessity in our life. It has find its way to become part of our day to day activities. We make use of our phone almost every time. We use it to perform various functions like making and receiving calls, browsing just to mention a few.

No matter how clear the sky is, there will still be dark clouds  The Dangerous iPhone Feature That Can Wipe Off Your Data, Revealed!

What I am trying to say is this,

Despite all this merits, there is still some unhealthy conditions associated with iPhone device. That is why you need to be careful when handling one . Read further to see this wonderful discovery.

Firstly, assuming you enabled security setting on your device. Then, the screen will be locked and it will be required of you to enter the right combination of passwords before you can gain access to any application. Peradventure you entered incorrect codes for about 10 times. You may loose all your data through your actions for safety reasons.

Secondly, If you pressed “Settings” in the Menu list, scrolled down to Identification and password then clicked delete data. That command coupled with the fact you  entered over 10 wrong passwords to unlock your phone will lead to great loss. Your information and record will be wiped away  automatically within 3 hours.

Take heed and inform others!

Can Windows-based applications run on a Mac?


Can Windows-based applications run on a Mac?Hi Apple Fans. You are most welcome here. Hope you still remember the previous Macbook lecture sessions.  This write up is the continuation from the previous lecture. Here we will discuss the question ‘Can window based applications work well on Mac devices with iOS operating systems. We will try our best to reveal the connection between Mac and Windows.

Prepare to be amazed

In the past, Window applications are not compatible with MacOs operating systems. However, this does not completely erase the fact that it is possible to make it work. It has been stated on some blogs owned by Mac and App store that it is possible to run Window applications on Mac devices. So that is a proof!

But how can this be? Well let’s move on

Here is how it is doneCan Windows-based applications run on a Mac?

Some programs/add-ons present in Macbook devices makes it possible to run window based applications on them. Nevertheless, I can not completely say this softwares are trustworthy. They may have their way into your personal files but if its done by us, what may be the after effect? Other questions that may come to mind is;  Is there available expert in the field? Yes of course, we have people adept at using this programs.

It is not difficult to get tool programs in AppStore Windows, just type in the words to search. The details about the programs can not be revealed here. The post is simply to pass some information across to you.

Hope you find it educative? Guess you said YES!

As time goes on more contents will be included. Remember to follow us for more updates!



THE NEW APPLE IPAD 2018 AT A GLANCEApple’s new iPad 2018 is a new invention of tablet perfectly made for students. The Apple iPad comes with a pencil which makes it easy to take notes and drawings on it, it comes at an affordable price giving an amazing performance in an everyday use by providing every feature you would want from a usual tablet you buy. The awesome comes has a 32GB internal storage and a 128 GB built-in storage capacity, a Wi-Fi and cellular powered model.

This awesome device has some peculiar specifications in it which will be listed below:

  • The Apple Pencil Support:

The sophisticated device comes with a pencil that aids in writing notes and drawing better for users which is one of the most vital attribute you would require in an iPad. Users would be able to use other features in the device effectively alongside with the Apple Pencil making it fun to use the device.

  • The Intensive Functions:

The Apple iPad 2018 works with an A10 Fusion processor, which supremacies iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The A10 Fusion processor helps to deal with complicated processes easily.

  • The Multitasking Feature:

The fantastic iPads permits the user to utilize as many applications as possible on the iPad 2018. Apple IOS 11 operating system does not allow this feature on iPhone but it gives iPads which it stands out in its technology.THE NEW APPLE IPAD 2018 AT A GLANCE

  • The Fingerprint Reader:

The new Apple iPhone has a fingerprint reader which is the Touch ID sensor, on the MacBook Pro in the Apple ecosystem though the technology was switched to a Face ID recognition technology on the new device. Many users find the Touch ID fingerprint and the face technology really advantageous on the device and it is only available on the iPad 2018.


The new Apple iPad 2018 has other unique specifications in it which includes the 9.7-inch IPS LED display that gives a resolution of 2224 x 1668 pixel (265 ppi) and a protective screen which is better than every other tablet products, It is powered by quad-core A10X Fusion Processor at about 2.38 GHz supported with a 2 GB RAM it has a 12-megapixel f/2.2 720p @ 30fps and a autofocus, HDR with a mainframe, though the device is a new innovation that comes with the IOS 11.3 operating system which is likely to take its update soon.

New iPhones Coming with Grateful News


New iPhones Coming with Grateful NewsiPhone users explain their discontent about previous models. Just as you have imagined charging was not an issue as the devices charges very fast. Even though the recent devices also comes with a fast charging feature. Users had to spend more on procuring another adapter. This makes everything a little complicated. But guess what? Here comes the good news.

Let’s keep going.

New Models on its way

Expect a grand entrance form Apple into the commercial market with three new iPhone models. Their focus is to be the cynosure among other devices available in the market. This literally means in terms of size, screen and color these new models will beat others hands down. The suppose new models also aim to give their users the best experience they can ever imagine. Proposed date for the release of the new iPhone is hoped to come after the WWDC event.New iPhones Coming with Grateful News

An Adapter is not exempted

Speaking of the past models, the fast charging adapter was given to its users separately. We all know the high cost of procuring a fast charging adapter. This was a big turn off for them.

For the new models waiting to make a way into the market, it is expectant of them to come with a quick charge adapter as well as a cable. This can be attributed to the fact that the 3D drawings presented in the web indicates that a 18W power box is included in the package.

To add more juice, the USB-C Lightning cable will be connected with the boxes of the new iPhone models.

Also,  a non fast charging adapter ( devices reaches 39% for I hour charging). But if the original adapter and cable are packaged with these new models, the charging capacity can spring up to 79% for an hour charging.

Screen-viewing iPhone: Displaying Multiple Images as a Unit


Screen-viewing iPhone: Displaying Multiple Images as a UnitThere is a remarkable feature that you can install on your iPhone, allowing you combine multiple screenshots to appear as one image.

For iPhone users, X especially, a new phone feature have emerged to help image lovers capture their experiences in a unique way. There are moments in your life you wish you can keep reliving captured moments on a daily basis, but this is not achievable without the help of a unique device together with a special software. Fortunately, the iOS 11 is an upgrade to how screen displays can appear with better improvement. This, of course, makes it possible for users to download an optimized version of the Tailor App from the Apple Store. Interestingly, users are not required to pay a dime for this app, as it is completely free, provided you have an iPhone X device. If you are interested in taking full advantage of your phone features, as regards combining screenshots, here are ways you can navigate your way on your phone.

  • Arrange

How you want your images to appear on your phone screen is largely dependent on how you arrange them. Therefore, you can decide to have your images arranged in succession best known to you. You can present every screenshots all at once in a well-arranged format.

  • Access

One of the steps you need to take in ensuring that your multiple screen-viewing processes are complete is by downloading the Tailor App. The function of the Tailor App is to identify the recent screenshots, merge them together and create a befitting image, which you can always reflect on, at any time. Interestingly, you have little to worry regarding the use of the Tailor App. The reason is that it has been automatically designed to work on its own. However, you need to create an overlap for every screenshot you make for a hitch-free action.

  • SaveScreen-viewing iPhone: Displaying Multiple Images as a Unit

The last thing on your to-do list after making use of the Tailor App is to save your collection. If you do not save your collection, you will have to start a new process of merging your screenshots once again.

For iPhone X users, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your phone, especially in the area of multiple Screen-viewing. The same way an iPad has this feature, you can also screen view multiple images on your iPhone X, as long as you are ready to download the Tailor App on the Apple Store, which is completely free for users.