Does MacBook Pro have a black screen issue?

Does your MacBook Pro have a black screen issue? Is kernel panic issue? Or a noisy fan issue?

MacBook Pro 15 Kernel Panic

Most of the old generations of Macs have defective graphics card (GPU) issues. Usually, to be able to solve this issue, the logic board requires replacement. However, the same issue appears again in a short period. This issue is lying on the defective manufacturer part; most parts have the same issue. Due to this reason, there is no permanent repair option for graphics card failure.

Apart from this, one model has the same symptoms but a different issue, and it is repairable!

If your MacBook Pro Retina 15″ Mid-2012/ Early 2013 model has any of the issues below;

MacBook Pro 15 Black Screen

* Black screen or blank white or blue screen

MacBook Pro 15 Kernel Panic

*Device suddenly gives the kernel panic

* or fans are running at high speed and working noisy.

Eligible Models:

·      MacBook Pro (Retina 15″ Mid-2012)

·      MacBook Pro (Retina 15” Early 2013)

If one or more of these issues have been seen on the device, the problem comes from the U8900 GMUX chip, not the defective graphics card. To solve this issue, the device requires the Logic Board Repair Service to re-solder the U8900 GMUX chip.

Should you have any further enquiries about this issue or if you would like to get a quote for repair please click the link and fill the contact form