Surefire Ways to Retrieve Back images deleted from iPhone


Surefire Ways to Retrieve Back images deleted from iPhoneDid you ever wake up one day to discover your favorite pictures are no where to be found in your phone?

If the device in your possession is a brand of iPhone products, don’t feel bad about your erased images.

Wondering why I said so?

Keep on reading, in the next few paragraphs you will find out. There are ready made solutions to help you fix the problem which will be explained in the next few paragraphs.

First Approach: Restoring erased pictures through backup. Did I hear you say how?

Let’s keep going

The easiest way to retrieve all data for Android and iOS devices is to take the bull by the horn by having a duplicate copyright from the on set. It is not difficult at all, infact restoring through this method with iCloud and iTunes is stress-free. Another advantage is that this approach comes in handy when you misplace, loose your device to theft or it’s faulty.

Depending on the model of your device, features like” recently deleted folder” can be used to restore deleted images. This can be found in iOS 8 and it contains records of things erased not longer than a month. So if your erased picture falls within this period, you will be happy to find it there. Then you can move it back to its real folder or gallery. Note: After 30 days items in “recently deleted folder” will be permanently removed.

The downside to this feature is that only deleted images can be retrieved from it. This means that malware and other virulent software removed from your device will be absent in this folder which is an added advantage. Furthermore, images erased during device upgrade or iCloud synchronization will not be in this feature too.

On the contrary, if there are images you wish to delete forever, you have to delete them from this folder.

Now back to the question: How to retrieve my pictures?

Simply navigate to “photos” click and go to “Recently deleted”. Click to highlight the images you wish to restore and press the recover icon. That’s allSurefire Ways to Retrieve Back images deleted from iPhone

Second Approach: If you do not have a backup then this is for you!

For those without duplicate copy, retrieving erased images with free software is not an easy task. Other applicable softwares may come with a cost which can be on the high side for you. Those that are free of charge works on the lost folder. Remember to switch your phone to airplane mode before commencing the restoration process. This is just a safety measure to keep your phone in check.

Watch out for programs with bad review and abstain from them to avoid exposing your device to risks.

Above all, the safest means is to have duplicate copy in external hard disks and encrypted files.

Screen-viewing iPhone: Displaying Multiple Images as a Unit


Screen-viewing iPhone: Displaying Multiple Images as a UnitThere is a remarkable feature that you can install on your iPhone, allowing you combine multiple screenshots to appear as one image.

For iPhone users, X especially, a new phone feature have emerged to help image lovers capture their experiences in a unique way. There are moments in your life you wish you can keep reliving captured moments on a daily basis, but this is not achievable without the help of a unique device together with a special software. Fortunately, the iOS 11 is an upgrade to how screen displays can appear with better improvement. This, of course, makes it possible for users to download an optimized version of the Tailor App from the Apple Store. Interestingly, users are not required to pay a dime for this app, as it is completely free, provided you have an iPhone X device. If you are interested in taking full advantage of your phone features, as regards combining screenshots, here are ways you can navigate your way on your phone.

  • Arrange

How you want your images to appear on your phone screen is largely dependent on how you arrange them. Therefore, you can decide to have your images arranged in succession best known to you. You can present every screenshots all at once in a well-arranged format.

  • Access

One of the steps you need to take in ensuring that your multiple screen-viewing processes are complete is by downloading the Tailor App. The function of the Tailor App is to identify the recent screenshots, merge them together and create a befitting image, which you can always reflect on, at any time. Interestingly, you have little to worry regarding the use of the Tailor App. The reason is that it has been automatically designed to work on its own. However, you need to create an overlap for every screenshot you make for a hitch-free action.

  • SaveScreen-viewing iPhone: Displaying Multiple Images as a Unit

The last thing on your to-do list after making use of the Tailor App is to save your collection. If you do not save your collection, you will have to start a new process of merging your screenshots once again.

For iPhone X users, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your phone, especially in the area of multiple Screen-viewing. The same way an iPad has this feature, you can also screen view multiple images on your iPhone X, as long as you are ready to download the Tailor App on the Apple Store, which is completely free for users.

Suggested Newly iPhone Names for the Future of Mobile Users


Suggested Newly iPhone Names for the Future of Mobile UsersThe popularity in which Apple has enjoyed for the past decade has seen it develop fancy phones for clients all over the world.

In the world of mobile technology, clients are trying to anticipate what could be running in the minds of phone manufacturers. Apple has recorded tremendous success in ensuring that phones of various models are launched into the public annually. Presently, iPhone X has caught the fancy of so many clients, who are not stopping at purchasing this product, because of the unique features of the phone. However,  in a bid to arouse the curiosity of clients who are following the iPhone brand consistently, here are some new iPhone names which are slated for release in the future.

iPhone S8

The name of this new feature phone that is yet to be released by Apple can be attributed to the success that has been enjoyed by later versions of iPhone 8, which are iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus respectively. After the release of the versions of this iPhone, there has been a deliberation on what clients are to be expecting Apple to produce the latest version.

iPhone 9

The release of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have limited the possibility of foreseeing the release of iPhone 9 in the incoming years. Initially, there appears to be a different view regarding the launching of this type of iPhone series, after the release of iPhone X, which has been the leading iPhone feature which is the commonest among various users so far. The guess is on whether the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus would have a similar condition to iPhone 9, but with an improved feature which can be identical to iPhone X.Suggested Newly iPhone Names for the Future of Mobile Users

iPhone X1, X2, and 11

These suggested names are set to hit the public in the nearest future. Interestingly, the idea is that these new releases will have advanced features, which is far better than the iPhone X, the latest version of Apple phone series which has proliferated the entire globe. So, clients should be expecting the names of new versions of iPhones to be coming from these three suggested names which are iPhone X1, X2 and 11.

Apple is coming up with new series of phones which will come into the market in the nearest future. The idea is to keep clients guessing on the new phone features that will come out far better than the previous versions that are already on the market.