HOW TO CREATE A VIRTUAL HOME SCREEN KEY ON IPHONE XThere are certain stunts a few smartphone brands can pull; change whatever you may on the products, and customer loyalty still stays stronger. Now Apple is definitely one of those brands. And talking about stunts, the X model got released with a little surprise. There is no key designated for the home location.  Nevertheless, you would discover a better process to simulating a key that would perform the “home” role for your iPhone. Not a lot of us saw this edge to edge screen modification coming when we anticipated the X. The visible button that takes you home was considered redundant. Its absence gives you the better display screen size, now substituted by the gesture-technology. Therefore the X stands out, as the only iPhone without the button. Now if you are one of those people who have an emotional attachment with the ditched key feature, there is still hope.

Here is an amazing workaround for you to get your darling home key back: 

Try a Virtual Home Key Option

Although not noticeable, the IOS actually comes with a secret home key. You can access this via your Settings. From your >Settings, select >General, and then >Accessibility and finally >Assistive Touch. The assistive function is to actually support individuals with certain challenges. Now go ahead and enable it, select the Single-Tap option, pick the Home, your simulated Home key will surface on the display.

You prefer your new Home location key (we know it is virtual) to be more of an entity key, then you can set this in the custom tap options: if you want it for a “single or double-tap”, 3D Touch or better still a long press function.  You can also move your new Home key anywhere you want it to be on the screen, it’s even more mobile unlike your old favorite, even if you feel like dragging it to the middle bottom of your screen to give it that favorite home key position. It may obstruct your navigation of other apps, so here is what to do to get it out of “apps-way”.  Migrate all your apps and create room to locate your simulated home key right at the bottom center of the screen. Now you have a home key just like the old one. Take out the word “virtual”, and they are just the same.



APPLE IPAD: A NEW MOBİLE GADGET HITTING THE GLOBAL MARKET IN 2018The new Apple iPad which is about to be launched by Apple in 2018 will have similar features with iPhone X, which will be the delight of Apple product users.

BY the end of the year, Apple is planning to release new sets of gadgets into the global market. The move is in response to the wide acceptability of Apple products, ranging from the newly released iPhone X and other phone series that had been released by Apple in previous years. Interestingly, the global mobile market will determine how Apple iPads get to many users who wouldn’t mind exploring the unique features coming from a company like Apple. The idea on the ground is that Mark Gurman, a renowned Apple analyst, is waiting for the right time to have Apple iPads released by Apple before the year comes to an end.

A lot is expected to happen, in relation to what clients are to expect from the new release of Apple iPads, which are set to be launched in 2018 soon. Here are some of the features of the iPads for 2018.

  • Special Chip

The Apple iPad and other computer series that will be released into the year by Apple are going to be incorporated with a special chip. The purpose of this special chip is to ensure that the functionality of these gadgets is dedicated to providing better performance, especially in the area of iOS.

  • Thin Design

Interestingly, previous designs of iPads usually come with thicker inches, compared to other brands of iPads that are in the global market. With a new innovative craft in focus, Apple is setting out to launch new sets of iPads that are thinner in inches, portable and easy to handle.

  • APPLE IPADFace Recognition

As stated earlier, the iPads that are set to be released by Apple before the end of 2018 will come with the special chip. The role of the special chip is to ensure that the face recognition feature is available on the new iPads. Moreover, the special chip will have a 3D support system to facilitate a good user experience for all Apple clients in the entire world.

All stakeholders should be prepared to get in touch with the new set of electronic gadgets which will be released by Apple before the year runs out, with improved user experience features. You don’t have to miss out, as you anticipate the release of these items soon.

Portal Home Key made for iPhone X


Portal Home Key made for iPhone XDitching the visible key on the X model is one giant stride made by Apple. Although we can hardly repeat this when we consider a lot of people who can’t just help but snuggle over nostalgic moments. In this case, it is really a good thing that the home key isn’t entirely gone for good. So you may still be permitted to add other custom options so far you can locate and execute them. For example, the virtual key function is to enable users still enjoy their iPhones without really missing the button touch. But it becomes more obvious that some people still want things the way they were; “no virtual anything”, and no entirely flat surface. Just bring back the old key.

Now to attain this landmark with the X, the Apple brand discontinued with the button feature; its primary function was locating the user to the home screen, and running a finger ID. Now all these were wiped into oblivion to welcome the frameless screen.

The Portal Home Key custom made for your X

The Portal Home Key custom made for your XWell Apple has had its day, let’s skip to the part where all this is confronted with a solution. Now a Chinese firm has just created something from this challenge. It is called the portable key, custom made to serve your iPhone X “home” needs. Your X would just act out its “home roles”, with this key connected directly to its glowing entrance. Not just that, you would find additional features, like the earphone jack, and even a light on the device. You can be rest assured that with the earphone jack, the music experience while charging becomes a possible deal.

Although it doesn’t come with the luxury of a finger ID scan, the portable key can fully serve many purposes like its eliminated ancestor. Some users happened to have discovered this device way before you did, and it seems to have been positive reviews. In their opinion, the home device’s performance equals the default key on all previous iPhones which we happen to be familiar with. A push on the key, and you are taken to the home screen. If pushed twice, it switches through your applications in a quick flip. And if the key is pushed and held down, the Siri is launched. With all these, it is safe to say that right in the iOS of your X, the home function is enabled. It isn’t just supported by a button. Well who says a portable key wouldn’t do just fine.





FUTURE WITH APPLE’S NEW FEATURE FOR IOS11.3: UNDERSTANDING WHAT PRIVACY ICON IS?Apple is about to release the latest of its famous operating system for mobile phones which would be known as iOS11.3. In its preview, the operating system giant explained the new and amazing features emerging with the new operating system, but it seems the update did not offer all the improvements as captured in the explanation.

Among all the amazing features listed by Apple for the new operating system, a Privacy icon is a feature that was specifically mentioned.  A privacy Icon was discovered by Dean who is a Crystal app developer.

Based on the information contained within the Beta version, “Applications that would want to make use of a user’s personal information are intended to be protected by an “Apple ID” password”. At this point, the exact location of Privacy icon symbol has not been ascertained, but it is possible that this symbol is located at the upper part of the menu bar.

Sometime in 2017, Felix Krause who is a developer explained that the use of applet-like pop-up add-on that requires an application maker to crack any Apple ID is pretty easy. However, most people always assume that this is a real pop-up window, thereby falling prey to the type of hacking attack famously known as Phishing as shown in the image below.

FUTURE WITH APPLE’S NEW FEATURE FOR IOS11.3: UNDERSTANDING WHAT PRIVACY ICON ISHowever, this innovative step of introducing Privacy icon is commendable as it would clearly indicate when a user’s Apple ID should be rightfully requested by Apple. Otherwise, a user could easily disseminate personal details with malicious websites or apps.

This is a good news for everyone who will be looking forward to using iOS11.3 as its data and Apple ID include a new feature known as Privacy icon in order to keep your password secure.
Privacy Icon will not only work on iOS11.3, it will also be available in Apple’s TVOS and MacOS High Sierra, which will enable it to provide protection for a broad range of devices. Isn’t it amazing? I guess it is.

The beta version of iOS11.3 is presently available for developers only. Other users will have full access to the OS on their smart phones in few months. All iPad Air, Fifth generation of Ipad (iPad mini 2 inclusive), iPhone 5s, and higher phones will take iOS 13 in turn. Pro models, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch sixth generation will not be left out in the iOS13 update.

Liquid Damage

What should I do for a liquid damage issue?

Liquid DamageLiquid damage is a definitely a nightmare for everyone. However, you do not need to make panic or stress. Solutions might be very simple if you take care of your device from the first second of the damage happened.

What should I do, firstly?

You just need to turn the device off and take out the battery if you able to do that. After then, call the nearest Apple repair company to get advice about what you need to do before going to repair shop. If you are not able to call any repair center or if there is no any near repair center then you just need to keep the device off and leave it on your table. The device might be work when turning on it after a couple of hours. However, it does not mean all ok. Because liquid damage all electronic parts and your device electronic parts start to oxidize in time which damaged electronic elements in your device.

What can I do If I have some knowledge about repairing electronic devices?

You are so lucky If you have some knowledge about the subject. You need to make your screwdrivers ready to open up the device. Then follow the below steps, carefully.


1 – Disconnect the battery from the main electronic segment as soon as open up the device.

2 – Take a picture of your device for remembering all connections correctly when you connect them back all connections to right place.

3 – Observe the all-electronic elements and determine affected elements from the liquid.

4 – You are going to need some pure alcohol. You can purchase from electronic device shops or online.

5 – Take a toothbrush.

6 – Put some pure alcohol on damaged electronic elements and start to brush with your toothbrush, gently.

7- After making clear all surface of the damaged element then leaves the device on the table till dry.

8 – If you make sure there is no any liquid damage sign on electronic elements then you can start to connect all connection.

liquid damage
Please do not forget that the battery must be connected as the latest element. Don’t do anything when battery connects on the device.

Your device probably will be work. However, some elements might be affected, too which you can not see with your eyes such a microphone, mouse, headset because of liquid effect.

The best thing is to make your test as soon as make the device ready to run. If you face any issue then please turn the device off again and go to the nearest Apple repair shop as soon as possible. Quick response is very critical in such liquid damage for electronic devices.



We strongly advise you do not keep any liquid around your electronic device. Many people pour the coffee or water on their devices, accidentally. That is why we do not recommend to keep such liquids around your electronic devices.  You can prevent sort of nightmare issues by taking some simple countermeasures. Also, please make sure about what company you prefer to repair your device. You must trust the company. Because you probably got many data in the device. It might not correct decision to leave the device for any company to repair it.